Southern Belle Mesh Striped Off Shoulder Bodycon Midi Dress - Apricot

$186.99 $277.62

This is the ideal party dress to be worn by any woman who fancies herself to be a modern fairy princess. This Off-Shoulder Bodycon Dress is stunning and gorgeous. It really does give you the ability to show off. It is tight at the top and around your waist, and it flares where the skirt begins. The body has been outlined with a matching colored solid material.

This Apricot Mesh Striped Dress overlay is sheer material with a sparkle and shimmer design. It has short capped sleeves that pull down over the shoulders to the mid-upper arm and exposes the upper chest, shoulders, and upper back. A banded waistband has been added at the natural level. A flared skirt has been added under this waistline.