Black Tie Tulle Mini Long Sleeve Bodycon Dress

$284.28 $372

You will look like a modern day silver screen starlet when you slip into this amazing  V Neck Bodycon Dress. The base of the dress also features the scrunch fabric. This allows for a deep and plunging, the neckline. The skirt has been added at a higher level. This is a formfitting skirt which has a mini hemline. The sleeves of the Black Tie Tulle Sheer Dress are long and formfitting.

The sleeves of been made of a sheer fabric which matches the coloring of the body of the dress. At the entire sleeves, faux fur have been added. This fur has a coloring which matches the other elements of the Long Sleeve Mini Dress. This is a dress which was made to be worn with your glamorous high heels. This can be worn with black high heels or in a color which complements the dress. You can wear this dress with or without the addition accessories.