Square Collar Bodycon Wrinkled Mini Dress

$162.81 $198

The queen style of sleeves is something which has come back in a fashion several times over the years. This currently is the style which is being loved by major fashion designers. This  Square Collar Bodycon Set prominently features these wonderful sleeves. This dress has large regal style puffed sleeves at the top. This dress has a wrinkled style design given to it. This gather design is one which is very popular this year. It offers the Tie Wrinkled Dress more of a romantic look. 

The front of the dress has a drop style neckline. A sweetheart style has been given to the cut of the top of the dress. The cups of the Long Sleeve Mini Dress have a form fit. The body of the dress flows seamlessly into the skirt. These areas of the dress are formfitting. The dress has a mini level hemline. The material used to construct the dress has a bold red coloring to it. This is a wonderful and regal coloring which has been given to this garment.