Coppery Backless High Waist Sleeveless Strappy Bandage Set

$134.99 $186

This is the dress you are going to put on when you are looking to make a lasting and bold impression. This Sleeveless Strappy Bandage Set has been made with material that has been given a sunshine coloring. The top of the dress has a high and rounded neckline. Sleeveless shoulder cuts have been given to this top. The top has extremely close to the body fit. A midriff cut has been added to the middle.

This offers a very sexy peekaboo-style look to it. The skirt has a pencil-style design. This is a close-fitting pencil-style skirt. The hem comes to the middle calf area. You can wear several different types of modern shoes with this dress. You can wear modern style high heels or sandals with it. You are going to make a wonderful impression each time you are seen in this amazing garment.