Rhinestone Short Sleeve Bandage Jumpsuit

$249.57 $321

Retro looks have become a fashion staple among fashionistas. You, too, can be in on this lovely fashion trend by wearing this V Neck Bandage Jumpsuit. This is a suit which has been given a great retro look which has been fused with a more modern set of design elements. This fabric used to make this  Short Sleeve Jumpsuit has a close fit. The color given to this material is a light green.

This makes the  Distinctive Rhinestone Jumpsuit even more visually striking. The top has a high, v neckline.The short sleeves are made of a double set of matching fabric ruffles on each side. The body has a close fit. The legs also have ruffle bottom. Rhinestone of the jumpsuit gives you that comfortable and casual look that you’re going for. Combine your look with athletic shoes or heels when you’re looking to have a look that is all your own.