Leopard Cut Out Midi Bodycon Dress

$136.77 $162

Look like a princess and a sexy vixen each time you are seen in this Strappy Bodycon Dress. Leopard fabric used to create it has a soft feel and look. The top of the dress has a deep and plunging sweetheart neckline. This top has been held up with matching fabric straps.

The breast area has a deep gather style construction. This is a sweetheart style breast line. The drawstring drops into the cutout section of the abdomen. This close fit Sleeveless Midi Dress has a slight gather style design given down the skirt area. This has been made possible with the construction which is used at the side seams.

This is a mini hemline dress. This Leopard Cut Out Dress also gives you an hourglass figure while you are wearing it. This is due to the detail which has been placed in the construction of the waist seams. You can wear this dress for several style high heel shoes.