Maroon Backless Plain Off Shoulder Midi Bandage Dress

$154.14 $186

Have a sexy and sensual look with the use of this Off Shoulder Bandage Dress. The dress has been made of a material which has been given a bright maroon coloring. The front of the dress has a sweetheart style neckline. This is a drop neckline which has a wonderful look. The back of the Long Sleeve Midi Dress has a hide zipper design. 

It is constructed from a stretchy cotton blend fabric that gently, yet securely, hugs the curves of the body without uncomfortable tightness. The dress itself has a very close to the body fit. This Maroon Backless Plain Dress has a midi hemline. Long sleeves have been added to the dress. The sleeves start at the middle upper arm area. The sleeves descend past the wrist area to the hand.Wear with a pair of strappy high heels to complete the look.