Wrinkled Long Sleeve Mini Bodycon Dress

$162.81 $198

The material used to create this V Neck Bodycon Dress adds an elegant look to it. This material will hold up through wear all day and all night. The color given to this material is luxurious and lovely. This Cut Out Wrinkled Dress has a wrap design at the top. This helps to create the V neckline which is featured on the garment. Long tapered sleeves have been added to the dress. The wrap design has an extra piece of fabric which cascades down the front of the dress. 

The sleeves have long cuffs which have been added to the forearm area. This is a dramatic look which offsets the dress nicely. The wrap design of the Long Sleeve Mini Dress also crates for a cinched waist. The mini hemline skirt of the dress features a gather style design. This gather style design has been created by an encased drawstring which has been placed at one side in the front area of the skirt.