Sleeveless Midi Strappy Bandage Dress

$93.39 $99

You’re going to look like you just stepped off of a runway when you put on this incredible Strappy Bandage Dress. Among the first things that people will notice on the dress are the horizontal cutouts just underneath the bodice of the dress.

When you turn around, they will be able to see the double strap across the back that buckle into place. These can be left buckled thanks to the help of a zipper just below it so that you always have the same kind of fit as you put on the Sleeveless Midi Dress. This dress has a slit on the front.

A corset effect top helps to accentuate your bust and is held in place thanks to the use of shoulder straps that connect to the buckled straps. The mid-length base to the  Mesh Striped Slit Dress means that you can wear this dress to a variety of locations. High heels will help you to complete the look.