Gem Encrusted Sleeveless Bandage Bodycon Dress

$98 $123

Sexy, sleek and sassy is how you would describe this dress. Another beautiful body-con sleeveless dress. This Gem Encrusted Dress is an evening gown which offers you a wonderful and exciting look. The top of the dress has a halter style neckline. This is a thick hem neckline. The shoulders have a deep cut, cold look given to them. This is a stunning and sexy bare shoulder look. The full body of the Bandage Bodycon Dress has been adorned with multiple gem style beads encrusting it. 

You will enjoy its close, precise fit, because unlike other close-fitting dresses, this one is exceptionally comfortable. This is a galaxy style design given to the majority of the High Neckline Sleeveless Dress. Line designs of gems have been added to the bottoms of the sides of the breast area. The skirt has a very body conforming fit. This is a close style skirt which has a pencil style design. The skirt comes to the middle calf.