Backless Mini Sleeveless Strappy Bandage Dress

$116.99 $142

Look like a princess and a sexy vixen each time you are seen in this Bandage Dress. Tank-style dresses are garments that every woman needs to have a closet this year. This tank-style dress is no doubt going to become one of your favorites. The material used to create it has been given a solid coloring. It is made from a stretchy cotton blend fabric and can be worn by most body types. This dress is close fitting and is true to size. It has ruching in front to hide any unwanted figure flaws.

The square neckline is a classic style that is moderately low. This is a Sweetheart-style breast line. A body has a close fit. This close fit has a slight gather style design given down the skirt area. This has been made possible with the construction which is used at the side seams. This is a mini hemline dress. This Sleeveless Strappy Bandage Dress also gives you an hourglass figure while you are wearing it.