Sparkly Semi Sheer Mesh Bodycon Mini Dress

$152.99 $176

Get ready to get your glam on in this incredible Sparkly Bodycon Dress. It is made from our fine-quality, durable semi-sheer mesh, which is covered with tiny reflective discs that sparkle when you wear it. The Semi Sheer Mesh Dress features a simple, round collar atop a sparkly semi-sheer bodice that covers and opaque bra covering.

Mesh also covers the stomach area, followed by a densely-placed, sparkly fabric over an opaque skirt. The long sleeves are made from the same fabric and feature 1″ black trim, which also appears at the hemline and cuffs. The hemline ends at the lowermost line of the hips. The Long Sleeve Mini Dress is presented in your choice of classic black with silver sparkles. Try it with strappy heels. It is a look that will transform you. You’ll love it.