Single Color Velveteen Cat Jumpsuit

$159.99 $220

A vintage look which has become popular again is the design of the Velveteen Cat Jumpsuit. This is a look which was first popularized in the 1960s. It is no wonder as to why this look has become popular again. It is a style of garment which has a close and sexy fit.

This version has been made of a pink colored velveteen fabric. This is a shiny material which catches the light in a lovely way as you move in this Single Color Jumpsuit. This is also a material which is soft to the touch. The top has a high choker neckline. The long and tapered sleeves extend to the wrist.

The back area features a long metal zip closure. This vertical zipper is functional and adds to the look of this Zip Back Bodycon Suit. This is an excellent jumpsuit to wear with some of your flashiest high heels.