Gold Metal Designed Single Button Blazer

$167.99 $212

You need to have blazers in your closet at the ready. This is because these are incredible Single Button Fitted Blazers which can help you easily transform an outfit into something special. All you have to do is simply slip into a blazer, and it will give you a look which cannot be beat. This is a blazer which can offer you this style of dressing transformation. This Traditional Collar Blazer  =has been made of a high-quality material.

This durable material looks great and is also soft to the touch. A small style lapel has been added to the front. A small golden button and some golden designs has been added as a close to this garment. This is a simple and elegant touch to this Gold Metal Designed Blazer. The body of the blazer has a traditional tailored blazer cut. It has a cut which is slimming and complimentary. The hem of the blazer comes to the upper thigh area.